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Meter Readings

We require meter readings from our customers who have a service agreement on their equipment supplied by us, we then invoice you the agreed cost per copy and in return supply you with all toners parts and labour you need for the duration of the agreement.


By supplying us with monthly meter readings you can easily keep an eye on your organisations printing usage and spot any irregularities or unauthorised printing by employees or other people that have access to your printer. At Copier Maintenance we use Purpose Software, one of the country's leading software developers, who's programme allows us to email you a meter reading request with a link that you can click on to enter your meter reading directly into our system. We send our request out a few days before the end of the month, allowing you to enter your readings at your convenience. If we don't receive a meter reading from you we may estimate readings when neccesarry, the system calculates your average monthly copy volume (AMCV) to provide an estimate based on your usual usage but, unlike some companies, if you find your genuine reading to be much different we can make changes and provide credits where necessary.

So, how do you get your meter reading? Getting your meter reading is a simple task which is usually a matter of pressing a couple of buttons on your copier. The method varies by make and model, below we have detailed instructions for most Kyocera models. Try pressing Ctrl + F and input your model to search, e.g. for TASKalfa 3050ci type 3050 and search. If you still can't find your reading please call us and we can advise over the telephone.

TASKalfa Models

Easy to use and simple to find the meter! All TASKalfa models have a counter button. Simply press counter and the readings are displayed on screen. The position of the counter button varies depending on the model. Look below to find your model.

TA-3050/3550/4550/5550/6550/7550ci and TA-3500/4500/5500/8000i

Taskalfa buttons counter RHS.png
Taskalfa Counter Screen.png

TA-3051/3551/4551/5551ci and TA-3501/4501/5501/3010i

Taskalfa buttons counter LHS.png
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